When you Should Hire a Limo

Hiring a limo per se is not usually something that is on somebody’s bucket list; instead it is part and parcel of a whole experience, usually a special occasion. This is because limo rentals generally cost more than pocket change, and not everyone can afford the service on a regular basis. It’s on par with going to a fine dining restaurant; you can’t afford it every day, but it can really put an added sparkle to a special occasion.

When planning something out of the ordinary, you can consider hiring a limo to make it even more memorable. Can you imagine what selfies inside a limo would look like? Here are some occasions when you should hire a limo if it is at all possible.

Prom Night

Your parents may have something to say about splurging on a limo rental on prom night, but if you carpool with your best buddies, you could really rock it without breaking the bank. A limo can accommodate from 6 up to 16 people, depending on your needs and budget. A limo rental split several ways comes out to a primo taxi ride.


Of course, your wedding would be the perfect excuse to hire the best looking limo you can find (and afford). The photo and video ops could be fantastic, and it will be one of the highlights of the occasion. At the very least, a limo is ideal for avoiding scrunching up that wedding dress, and that should be justification enough to indulge in the luxury. To be sure that you truly have a wonderful wedding, make sure that you don’t find the cheapest service available; budget limo companies can usually offer low prices because they cut corners such as in maintenance. You don’t want stains on those wedding clothes, do you?


Let’s face it; a lot of us may have been voted least likely to achieve in high school, and it would be classic to show up at the reunion riding in a gleaming stretch limo. It makes a good impression, and you can appear disarmingly modest when you tell them it’s a rental.

If you need a limo service for a special occasion, or just because you don’t want the hassle of bringing your own car, you should check what’s available in your area. Remember that you get what you pay for; balance quality with price.

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