A Guide to Alimony: Why and How You Should Fight for It

A Guide to Alimony: Why and How You Should Fight for It

Alimony, also known as spousal or post-separation support, is a form of financial assistance paid by one spouse to the other after they have legally separated. It may be court-ordered or agreed upon between the two parties in advance. Alimony payments can vary depending on the length of the marriage and income level at the time of separation.

This blog post discusses why you should fight for alimony if it’s something that your ex has been insisting on denying you from receiving.

Why Should You Fight For Alimony?

You should fight for alimony if you believe the terms of your marriage were unfair. For example, if one spouse worked outside the home and took care of childcare while another stayed at home to take care of household chores, then it could be argued that their contributions during the marriage were not equal.

If you don’t feel like your contributions were equal during your marriage, then alimony may be appropriate for you, even if you have a low income.

You should also fight for alimony if you believe that your ex has purposefully made it difficult to find employment, such as refusing to help with childcare or providing negative references from past employers.

If the courts do not award you any form of spousal support (i.e., alimony), this may hurt your retirement.

How To Fight For Alimony?

You should contact an alimony lawyer like Marshall & Taylor to help you fight for the financial assistance that is rightfully owed to you. There are many such divorce lawyers with a rich background in alimony cases that can help you out in this scenario. All you have to do is reach out to them, and they will be able to assist you in getting the monetary support that is rightfully yours.

Some divorce lawyers may not give you a retainer or offer free consultations, but it’s worth considering your options before settling for an alimony lawyer who charges more than other attorneys with comparable expertise because this could end up costing you much more.

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